Clockwork Spider

January 31, 2018

This clockwork spider started off as something simple but it grew into something more than I had originally imagined. It ended my several month long personal 3D drought and I thoroughly enjoyed the process 🙂 The model itself is based mostly off watch and clock parts. It features a super simple rig just to help […]

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Clockwork Scorpion

In progress shot of a Clockwork Scorpion I’ve been working on for a while now. This project started after I felt that my Clockwork Spider wasn’t challenging enough. I plan to rig and animate this.  

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UNREAL Pikachu

January 28, 2018

Playing around with Unreal Engine 4 and getting familiar with a few things, namely Blueprint and Cascade. Pikachu was my test character 🙂  

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Preying Mantis Model

Model of the Preying Mantis used in my short film.

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Preying Mantis

My final project at COFA, with Marco Chau. Winner of the Flying Bark and Wacom Best 3D CGI Animation Award – COFA Annual 2013.

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Stop Motion: Finger Eating Monster

A little stop motion project I did with my niece’s spare photo and a ‘clever’ camera setup when i had two hours to spare.

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Cat Rig

A cartoony cat rig full of dynamics!  

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