Clockwork Spider

This clockwork spider started off as something simple but it grew into something more than I had originally imagined. It ended my several month long personal 3D drought and I thoroughly enjoyed the process 🙂

The model itself is based mostly off watch and clock parts. It features a super simple rig just to help with posing.

Modelling took about a day. Lighting, shading and texturing took 3 days on and off. Compositing took about 5 days on and off. The three images took a total of about 440 minutes to render.

Not long after completing this spider, I started researching and planning the next creature to create using the same style. A Clockwork Scorpion was an easier winner. I plan to create a third creature after the scorpion and then print out a triptych.

February 2015. Maya, V-ray, Photoshop, After Effects.